About Us
Potential. That’s our story at Affordable College. We’re a public benefit corporation with a mission to help more community college students afford and attain a high-quality degree, certificate or credential.

We’re educators and entrepreneurs dedicated to assuring affordable paths to success for low-income learners—many of whom are increasingly choosing not to enroll in college. Affordable College is a trusted source—helping potential students discover the most affordable path toward their goal of a bachelor’s degree, and connecting Community Colleges and Universities in mutually beneficial partnerships via our Transfer Student Marketplace.
“The time is right for community colleges and universities to work together to provide a marketplace solution that helps community college students realize their potential.”
Sean O'Brien
Founder, Affordable College
Sean is a mission-driven, design thinking leader who’s been studying the college affordability and transfer problems for years. He’s still asking questions about them such as: why are low income students turning away from college, why are students not ready for college, and especially, why do students lose credits when they transfer. After founding or launching related partnership models including most recently, The National Transfer Network, he believes the time is right for community colleges and universities to work together to provide a marketplace solution that helps community college students realize their potential.

He most recently served as Director of Strategic Partnerships at Ashworth College, where he drove the formation of the National Transfer Network to provide students with a flexible pathway to an affordable, recognized bachelor’s degree. Sean is also the owner of The College Transfer Pathways LinkedIn Group. The role of the group is to ask questions, share original content and research, and propose and discuss solutions on promoting affordability through college transfer pathways.  Sean spent 8 years as a professional hockey player and served as Director of Player Development and a member of the Executive Board of USA Hockey.  Sean is a graduate of Princeton University.
“The vision for Affordable College to provide community colleges with important funding comes at a critical time in US Higher Education when colleges and universities are dealing with new fiscal realities. Our initiative provides higher education leaders and institutions a collaborative opportunity to make higher education more effective leading to increases in college readiness, enrollment, and completion. ”
Jeff Levy
Co-Founder, Affordable College
Jeff Levy is an experienced entrepreneur and investor who has founded, built and managed successful media, entertainment and education technology start-ups over the past two decades, including OfficeHours (co-founded with former HP CTO, Rich DeMillo); Activate Systems (sold to Organic Motion, 2012); Biltmore Communications (sold to DirecTV/Hicks Holdings 2007); Open Point Networks (sold to BCI, 2002); eHatchery (portfolio companies collectively raised >$100M); and RelevantKnowledge (IPO, 1999 - NASDAQ, MMXI). Jeff has served on the Dean’s Advisory Board of the Georgia Tech College of Computing and is past chair of the Emory University Board of Visitors. Jeff is a member of the World Presidents Organization and has been recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year and as one of the Top 50 Entrepreneurs in the South.  Jeff is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School.
In an environment of multiplying options and rising costs, students must make educational decisions that will have an outsize impact on their personal and professional lives.  Affordable College provides a compass for those decisions.
Ashley Evans
Ashley M Evans is a product designer and strategist with a passion for education and behavior change.   Most recently, Ashley served as a product manager at GlobalEnglish (now Pearson English Business Solutions), where she owned the vision and roadmap for two key products: LinGo, a mobile app for professional English learners, and the content innovation player, a browser / tablet app that powers multimedia learning experiences for several Pearson products.  She joined the company originally as an instructional designer for EnglishCafe, a social network for English language learners that encouraged respectful cultural exchange.

Ashley holds a bachelor's degree from Princeton and a master's degree in Learning, Design, and Technology from Stanford.  She was previously a member of the insurance practice of Celent (Oliver Wyman), a financial services consulting and advisory firm.  Ashley has taught in English classes in Morocco and Spain and served as a volunteer with the Nanubhai Education Foundation, a non-profit that works to improve rural Indian public schools.